Media Download – 18th century anti-rebellion preaching in Britain

Presentation by Monika Barget on English anti-rebellion preaching during the Jacobite uprising in 1745, delivered at the interdisciplinary workshop “Literature and History” / Präsentation von Monika Barget über Predigten gegen Aufstände aus der Zeit der Jakobitenrebellion 1745, vorgestellt im interdisziplinären Workshop “Literatur und Geschichte”:

Read an 18th century anti-rebellion sermon: extracts from “a sermon occasioned by the present rebellion in Scotland” with background information on the preacher, Reverend James Moody: Anti-rebellion sermons in Britain

Listen to the background information on James Moody and his sermon:

Listen to the original source: “A sermon occasioned by the present rebellion in Scotland” by Rev. James Moody, Belfast, published during the 1745 Jacobite rising:


The talk was illustrated by a powerpoint presentation containing historical maps and photographs of the printed 18th century sermons mentioned. For legal reasons, most of the maps and photographs cannot be published online, but an English text version of the presentation can be downloaded below. The map showing centres of English preaching and printing as well as a chart illustrating protagonists of the 18th century booktrade were designed by Monika and are therefore included.




Monika Barget

Studies in history, art history and Catholic theology at Augsburg University (Magistra Artium). 2009-2013 employment in content management, copy-editing, customer service and broadcasting. 2013-2017 doctoral studies at the Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration", Konstanz University. 2017-2018 academic project management at the Centre for Digital Humanities, National University of Ireland Maynooth. Since January 2019: postdoctoral researcher at IEG Mainz (Digital Humanities Lab/Digital Historical Research).

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