Conferences on rebellion in Madrid



“Maison de Velázquez” in Madrid will soon host two conferences on rebellions, revolts and crisis communication in early modern times.

The conferences will be held in French and Spanish.  Contributions especially focus on the communicational aspects of conflict and resistance.

Relating rebellions to the ideological foundations of early modern government, the speakers will also address narratives of “disobedience” and “justice.”

Please check the annoncements below for further information:

Download conference poster as PDF:


Monika Barget

Monika Barget studied history, history of art and theology in Augsburg (Germany) and Galway (Ireland). In 2013, she joined the international research group 'Early Modern Revolts' at Konstanz University as a doctoral student. Since October 2017, she has been project manager in the Letters 1916-1923 project at Maynooth University (Ireland). Her research interests include early modern constitutional history and political iconography.

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