‘Nationhood, religious identity and political separatism in eighteenth-century Britain’ – slides and handouts

I have created the following slides & handouts for my course taught at University of Konstanz in 2016/2017:


You may also download this abridged version of my original PPT presentation in PDF format.

All slides containing copyright-protected images, maps or document scans cannot be displayed online.

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The following handout gives two examples of Irish-language responses to the Glorious Revolution and the Jacobite rebellions:

Jacobitism in Irish-Gaelic poetry


session-10_slides_revivals-of-jacobitism_seite_8 session-10_slides_revivals-of-jacobitism_seite_9 session-10_slides_revivals-of-jacobitism_seite_6


1. General information on early modern Britain:

Europe and the making of England, 1660 – 1760, Claydon, Tony, 2007, gsw 664.20/c51.
The Routledge atlas of British history, Gilbert, Martin, 2008, gsb 915/g45a.
A nation of change and novelty: radical politics, religion and literature in Seventeenth-century England, Hill, Christopher, 1990, gsj 622/h45.

2. The Glorious Revolution and its impact on the British Empire:

Making toleration: the repealers and the Glorious Revolution, Sowerby, Scott, 2013, gsk 617/s69.
Defending the Revolution: the Church of Scotland 1689 – 1716, Stephen, Jeffrey, 2013, gsk 637/s92.
1688: the first modern revolution, Pincus, Steven C. A., 2009, gsk 617/p45a.
Revolution : the great crisis of the British monarchy, 1685 – 1720, Harris, Tim, 2007, gsk 617/h17.
England’s Glorious Revolution 1688 – 1689: a brief history with documents, Pincus, Steven C. A., 2006, gsk 617/p45.
The Anglo-Dutch moment: essays on the Glorious Revolution and its world impact, Israel, Jonathan I., 1991, gsk 617/i87.

3. History of the Jacobite rebellions:

The Jacobites: Britain and Europe, 1688 – 1788, Szechi, Daniel, 1994, gsk 598/s99.
1715 : the great Jacobite rebellion, Szechi, Daniel, 2006, gsk 598/s92.
The ’45: Bonnie Prince Charlie and the untold story of the Jacobite rising, Duffy, Christopher, 2003, gsk 637/d93.

4. Jacobitism in British literature:

Hogg, James: The Jacobite relics of Scotland, volumes 1 and 2, Hogg, James, 2003, eng 939:h716:a/t95-12.
Poetry and Jacobite politics in eighteenth-century Britain and Ireland, Pittock, Murray, 1994, eng 901:p76/p49.

5. Political preaching in early modern Britain:

The Oxford handbook of the early modern sermon, McCullough, Peter E., 2011, eng 601/m22.

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