Workshop “Literature and History” 2013 – “Revolts and Backwardness”


Kulturwissenschaftliches Kolleg Konstanz (Bischofsvilla)

Our research group on “Early Modern Revolts as Communicative Events” was constituted in mid-September 2013. It is situated in the framework of the Cluster of Excellence “Cultural foundations of integration” at Konstanz University. On October 1st Marcus Twellmann (German studies) organized a workshop at the Bischofsvilla (Konstanz), where historians and literary scholars met and discussed their research along different thematic lines. One panel was dedicated to our research – the baptism of fire for our group.
From different regional (or rather cross-regional) perspectives we presented our observations of an important change in discourses on revolts that occurred with the advent of Enlightenment.



1) Introductory talk by Dr. Malte Griesse at the interdisciplinary workshop “Literature and History”, Oct. 2013 /
Einleitungsvortrag von Dr. Malte Griesse zum interdisziplinären Workshop “Literatur und Geschichte”, Okt. 2013

2) Talk by Miriam Rönnqvist on preventive strategies in Swedish legislation of the mid-17th century / Vortrag von Miriam Rönnqvist über präventive Strategien in der schwedischen Gesetzgebung aus der Mitte des 17. Jahrhunderts

3) Presentation by David de Boer on narratives of progress in urban Dutch uprisings of the early 18th century / Präsentation von David de Boer über Narrative der Fortschrittlichkeit in niederländischen Stadtrevolten des frühen 18. Jahrhunderts

4) Presentation by Monika Barget on English anti-rebellion preaching during the Jacobite uprising in 1745 / Präsentation von Monika Barget über Predigten gegen Aufstände aus der Zeit der Jakobitenrebellion 1745

Battle between rebels and Muscovite government troops 1698

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