Volkswagen Fellowship Symposium 2014 – Truth and Legitimacy in Adam Olearius’ “Punishments”

Nancy Shields Kollmann:

The paper examines Adam Olearius’ depiction of Russian corporal punishments in the 1656 edition of his travels to Russia and Persia. It explores how accurate the depictions are of Russian criminal practice and the implicit message about Russian justice conveyed by the composition of the image.

Nancy Shields Kollmann is William H. Bonsall Professor in History at Stanford University. She has worked on politics and society, social values, gender relations, and the criminal law in Russia. She has published By Honor Bound. State and Society in Early Modern Russia (Cornell, 1999) and Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Russia (CUP, 2013). On the visual: “Thoughts on Beauty and Violence: Images of the Crucifixion in Russian Iconography,” in Anfologion (Moscow: Indrik, 2008), 362-69 and “Pictures at an Execution: Johann Georg Korb’s ‘Execution of the Strel’tsy’,”in Dubitando (Slavica, 2012), 399-407. She is currently at work on The Russian Empire 1450-180 (Oxford University Press).

Monika Barget

Monika Barget studied history, history of art and theology in Augsburg (Germany) and Galway (Ireland). In 2013, she joined the international research group 'Early Modern Revolts' at Konstanz University as a doctoral student. Since October 2017, she has been project manager in the Letters 1916-1923 project at Maynooth University (Ireland). Her research interests include early modern constitutional history and political iconography.

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