“Communicating Crisis” – BSECS Annual Conference 2015

Our group will participate in the “British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference” at St Hugh’s College (Oxford, United Kingdom).

The BSECS annual conference will be held on Tuesday 6th Jan – Thursday 8th Jan 2015.

The conference deals with various aspects of the history, art, culture and literature of the long eighteenth century – in Britain, Europe, North America and beyond.

In 2015, the BSECS plenary speakers will be addressing the topic of ‘Riots, Rebellions and Revolutions’, which is the focus of our own research group at University of Konstanz.

We hope that you will join us for our panel “Communicating Crisis”. In our talks, we would like to analyse long-term developments of media, authorship and credibility in 18th century Europe:

Monika R. Barget – “Convince the world that they were not fictitious” – political media and the crisis of credibility in 18th century Britain

David R. de Boer –  ‘These lies are like miraculous dreams’: Transmitting the truth about religious persecution in the Dutch Republic

Malte Griesse – The Pugachev-Rebellion of 1773-1775 and its Labyrinthine Way from Rumor through Western Media into Russian Historiography

Above all, we are proud to have Professor Andreas Würgler (University of Bern, Switzerland) with us to give an introduction into early modern media policies and the impact of print on political interaction.

Bisaccioni Historia delle guerre Ausschnitt Titel Grauton

For further information, please visit the BSECS website at www.bsecs.org.uk or contact us.

Download the full BSECS 2015 schedule as PDF file: 2015 Programme Draft BSECS

Read our full panel proposal here: “Communicating crisis – media criticism and the quest for credibility in the face of political violence in 18th century Europe”

Bisaccioni Historia delle guerre Ausschnitt Kopf Mars Grauton

Monika Barget

Studies in history, art history and Catholic theology at Augsburg University (Magistra Artium). 2009-2013 employment in content management, copy-editing, customer service and broadcasting. 2013-2017 doctoral studies at the Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration", Konstanz University. 2017-2018 academic project management at the Centre for Digital Humanities, National University of Ireland Maynooth. Since January 2019: postdoctoral researcher at IEG Mainz (Digital Humanities Lab/Digital Historical Research).

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