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This page gives you a brief introduction into the aims of our project and its participants.

Academic presentations – design and content advice

Many books and websites give advice on creating effective presentations. In academia, the challenge often is not to distort complex scientific information while keeping slides short and easy to understand.

“La médiatisation des révoltes” (Revue Internationale Histoire et Civilisation du Livre)

Following a workshop in Dijon in September 2015, a special issue of the “Revue Internationale Histoire et Civilisation du Livre” will discuss the “mediatisation” of early modern revolts. The contributions will argue that the way in which revolts were communicated and commemorated influenced political discourse and political decision-making as much as the actual acts of violence.

“Forschen weltweit” – Bericht über den USA-Aufenthalt der “Revolten”-Gruppe

Die Presseabteilung des Konstanzer Exzellenzclusters “Kulturelle Grundlagen von Integration” hat in ihrem Beitrag “Forschen weltweit” auch über den USA-Aufenthalt unserer Forschungsgruppe berichtet: Weltweit forschen – drei Spotlights “Der Historiker Malte Griesse trat im Oktober 2013 ein von der...

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