Our visual culture database "imgDB" & our up-coming timeline of revolts

Since October 2013, our research group has been setting up an interactive image database which helps us collect, categorise and interpret graphics, paintings and photographs related to conflict and violence.

screenshot_img_db_all items

Our database allows us to link related images and to trace (pirated) copies of original art works. Besides, a carefully considered system of tags and search options reveals interrelations of content, style or origin which we would not have otherwise discovered. We also add copyright information to each item so that researchers interested in using images in a publication know where to obtain reproduction permissions. Many images, however, are in the public domain and can be downloaded or shared with others.

screenshot_img_db_example item screenshot_imgDB_tags

Our database comprises more than 1400 images from Europa, Asia, Africa and the Americas and is continuously updated by our colleagues in Caen, France. The items cover a time range from the early days of printing up to the 20th century.


Any researcher who would like to use our database or help us improve the image descriptions is very welcome to contact Monika Barget (University of Konstanz).


For the long term, we would also like to visualise the meta data collected in our “imgDB” in a web-based timeline of revolts. This timeline should be connected with an animated map of Europe and contribute to the general understanding of history.

A draft timeline has already been published on the University of Konstanz homepage but is still in its early stages.

Please visit us again to find out about our most recent updates. Comments and requests are always appreciated.

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