Our visual culture database "imgDB" & our up-coming timeline of revolts

screenshot_img_db_all itemsFrom October 2013 to September 2018, the research group “Revolts as Communicative Events” and their partners in France created an interactive image database to collect, categorise and interpret graphics and paintings concerning conflict and violence between 1400 and 1800. Our database allowed us to link related images and to trace (pirated) copies of original art works. Besides, collaborative tagging and multiple search options revealed interrelations of content, style or origin which we would not have otherwise discovered. We also added copyright information to each item so that researchers interested in using images in a publication knew where to obtain reproduction permissions.

screenshot_img_db_example item By the end of the funding period, our database comprised circa 1400 images from Europa, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Many contributions came from our colleagues in Caen, France.

A searchable selection of our metadate (e.g. short titles, production dates, archival information and hyperlinks to external resources) is now available on GITHUB.

In the future, we would also like to visualise the meta data collected in our “imgDB” in a web-based timeline of revolts. Please follow us on GITHUB to find out about updates. Comments and requests are always appreciated.

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