Tri-lateral conference: “Images in Action” (Revolts and visual cultures in early modern Europe, III)

Our next tri-lateral conference (atelier trilatéral) at Villa Vigoni (IT) from 4th June to 7th June 2018 will cover different aspects of early modern “images in action”. The participants from Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands will share examples of the performative usage of early modern imagery and analyse common patterns.

“La médiatisation des révoltes” (Revue Internationale Histoire et Civilisation du Livre)

Following a workshop in Dijon in September 2015, a special issue of the “Revue Internationale Histoire et Civilisation du Livre” will discuss the “mediatisation” of early modern revolts. The contributions will argue that the way in which revolts were communicated and commemorated influenced political discourse and political decision-making as much as the actual acts of violence.

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